Referencia: B07K3ZH6BH
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  • Size: approxim ately 3 inches Ceramic ornamento.

  • Material: Fabricado Out of all natural Porcelain and Ceramic; High Gloss acabado.

  • Both Side: image printed on both sides.

  • Perfect to decorate your own Christmas Tree, or to Ship to a new Couple or Friend as a unique, de alta calidad, mano craf Ted con, eco – friendly Christmas Gift.

  • Pantalla de versatile. whether you love covering your Christmas Tree with Ornaments or would Rather Show Off your Seasonal Navidad around the House, this Special ornamento allows you to pantalla it sin embargo you See Fit. each Ornament includes a String which allows you to easily Hang it on your Tree, Window, Chandelier or Mantle.

  • prz0vprz0V Watercolor Floral Initial Ornament Monogrammed Gift Keep Sake Gift B07K3ZH6BH

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